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Concert of Songs

Tuesday, April 3 2018 | 7:30pm | St Mary’s Church, Church Street, Caernarfon

Cylchoedd Cerdd Cymru

Sian Wyn Gibson (Soprano)
Huw Llywelyn (Tenor)
Elinor Bennett (Telyn / Harp)
Anne Denholm (Telyn / Harp)


Sian Wyn Gibson / Elinor Bennett
Dilys Elwyn-Edwards (1918 – 2012): Caneuon y Tri Aderyn (Songs of three Birds)

1. Y Gylfinir (Curlew)
2. Tylluanod (Owls)
3. Hiraeth yn y Môr (Longing in the Sea)

Huw Llywelyn / Anne Denholm
Benjamin Britten (1913 – 1976): A Birthday Hansel

Sian Wyn Gibson / Elinor Bennett
David Vaughan-Thomas (1873-1934): Saith o Ganeuon (Seven Songs)

1. Y Nos (The Night)
2. Gwlith (The Dew)
3. Elen
4. Miwsig (Music)
5. Dau Filgi (Two Greyhounds)
6. Claddu’r Bardd o Gariad (Poet’s burial from love)
7. Hiraeth am yr Haf (Longing from the summer)


Huw Llywelyn / Elinor Bennett
Mansel Thomas (1909-1986): Caneuon Grace a Sian (Songs for Grace and Sian)

Anne Denholm
John Metcalf  (b. 1946): Dance from Kafka’s Chimp

Sian Wyn Gibson / Anne Denholm
William Mathias (1934-1992): Tair Alaw Gymreig (Three Welsh Melodies)

1. Y Gwŷdd (The Loom)
2. Dafydd y Garreg Wen (David of the White Rock)
3. Cân y Melinydd (The Miller’s Song)

Huw Llywelyn / Elinor Bennett
Geraint Lewis (b.1958): Penillion y Plant (Children’s Songs)

The Concert  was inspired by recollections of the Festival President,  Osian Ellis, performing many songs for voice and harp throughout his long career,  and by the fact that Benjamin Britten wrote “The Birthday Hansel” for him to perform with Peter Pears.

Some of the songs were written for piano or harp accompaniment and others have been played  from piano editions.

We remember that the composer Dilys Elwyn Edwards lived in Caernarfon for many years and  was born  exactly 100 years ago in August 1918.

Two works are by living composers, John Metalf and Geraint Lewis. Mansel Thomas was Head of Music at the BBC in Cardiff for several years  and William Mathias Professor of Music in Bangor University. David Vaughan Thomas is regarded as  “…one of the most important composers in the transitional period of Welsh music from the Victorian era to our own times.” Ty Cerdd.

Standard: £15, Concessions: £13, Under 18’s: £8
Week ticket for all evening concerts: £70

Tickets are available from the Galeri Box Office

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